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Tuesday, 19 October 2010 19:42

This page is a brief outline of planned features across all mylansite components. If you have a great idea for a feature you would like to be considered, please be sure to log a Feature Request in the forum.


Catering component

I am planning on re-introducing the old catering component. Initially, without any additional features.

This component simplifies catering organization. It has an interface which can be used behind the ordering desk/bar on a touchscreen monitor. It also helps you keep track of pizzas you ordered from an external delivery service. This component also handles "virtual money". People can deposit cash when they check in, so less cash needs to be handled during the event.

ETA: End of 2010



Interface for check-in desk

A very useful feature to have. The Check-In desk need an interface which allows them to search for a specific user (by ID, nickname, email or real name) which then displays this person's status for the event. For example, if they have paid already of if they chose the "Will pay cash at the event" option.

Then can then also mark the participant as "Checked in" and also allow them to deposit cash for their catering balance (see above).

It will also provide a "check out" screen, displaying the remaining catering balance to the person can be reimbursed the money he did not spend.

ETA: End of 2010



Fully occupy multiple seats

A configuration option which, when set, allows a person to occupy the amount of seats matching the number of tickets he bought. Currently, a person can only occupy one seat, even if he bought five tickets. The intention was: The other four tickets will have to be assigned to another person (using the auto-generated code) and the other person then chooses their own seat.
This is reasonably complex to implement with the current system, but as it is a useful feature, it will get done.

ETA: Mid-November 2010
Completed: May 25th 2011


New components

Hardware Inventory (, Under Investigation.


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