Events (com_mls_events)

Events (com_mls_events)


com_mls_events 2.0.6 com_mls_events 2.0.6

More resilient PayPal payment notification and new IPN logfile in your Joomla! tmp directory. If you were experiencing problems with PayPal transfers

com_mls_events 2.5.0 com_mls_events 2.5.0

Brand new Joomla 1.5 Native compatible version of the events component with many additional changes, stability improvements and features! To upgrade, just uninstall your currently installed events component and install the new one. All changes will automatically be applied - just make sure you check the Configuration tab of the component after upgrading.

com_mls_events 2.5.1 com_mls_events 2.5.1

Small maintenance release with minor stability fixes.

com_mls_events 2.5.2 com_mls_events 2.5.2

FIXED: Issue with some browsers when users tried to sign up for the event
FIXED: Issue with the participants list in the back end not displaying when the seatmap component was not installed

com_mls_events 2.5.3 com_mls_events 2.5.3

  • Option to disable "sign up and pay later" selection per event
  • Better calculation of free spaces - counting tickets and not just participants
  • Display "Event full" message instead of signup link if event if full
  • Don't allow any more bookings if event is full
  • Don't allow a user to buy more tickets than there are available
  • Display ticket price in frontend event list
  • Refactored parts of events class to make it much more consistent
  • Red warning message in back end if an event hasn't got any tickets assigned


com_mls_events 2.5.4 com_mls_events 2.5.4

  • New class functions required by com_mls_seatmap 2.5.1 - no additional new features over version 2.5.3


com_mls_events 2.5.5 com_mls_events 2.5.5

FIXED: Empty participants list in back end and front end when users occupied multiple seats.

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